Macktint U colorants are universal colorants specially formulated for the tinting of water based emulsion/latex systems and solvent based paints. It has designed for canister tinting and consist proper rheology for flow from the canisters. The advantageous feature is that there is no feed-nozzle clogging on dispensers, due to advanced chemical characteristics of the colorants. They are rigidly controlled and dispersed easily and completely in most paint bases. Also they remain in suspension with a minimum of agitation and do not skin. They do not react with stainless steel and plastic materials used as component parts of the dispensing machines <more>

Macksperse W pigment pastes are high-strenght, high quality pigment dispersions recommended to be used for in plant tinting of emulsion and water based paints. The pigments particles are dispersed and stabilized by good wetting and dispersing agents and this shows a good compatibility with variety of aqueous media and long term stability in any ratio. also this is compatible with many types of latex binders such as: Styrene Acrylic, all acrylic, vam acrylic, VAM veova. <more>


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